Nas x Supreme Collab

Supreme, a streetwear brand that is one of the most popular brands among collectors. Supreme has a weekly drop with their products, if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on anything.

According to “highsnobiety” on a “drop day” the traffic on the Supreme site can increase as much as 16,800 percent. With the product so difficult to get your hands on, many streetwear fanatics are willing to pay big bucks to resellers to get their hands on merch.

A rumor has been all over the internet that in Fall/ Winter 2017, Supreme will be dropping a Tee with a graphic of Queens rapper, Nas on it. There is yet to be confirmation on this intel, but if it’s true the graphic tee will come in eight possible colorways.

Here is what the Tee will look like:





Supreme has been known to feature other celebrity’s on their tee’s over the years including: Dipset, Raekwon, David Morrissey, Kate Moss, Mike Tyson, as well as Gucci mane.

Check out these tees from previous Supreme drops


2006: Dipset


2012: Kate Moss


2016: Gucci Mane



2016: David Morrissey



Will you be copping the Nas Tee?  It’s a must cop for any collector who likes Nas.



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