Balenciaga Inspired By 99 Cent IKEA Bag

Has well known designer brand Balenciaga lost their mind or are they clever? Balenciaga’s “Arena Extra-Large Shopper” looks extremely similar to  IKEA’s 99-cent “FRAKTA” bag. The Balenciaga bag has a price tag of 2,145. Many designer brands have drawn inspiration from everyday items in the past. “Moschino” came out with a fragrance called “fresh” drawing inspiration from a windex bottle for their packaging. Following the release of the “Arena Extra-Large Shopper” “Studio Hagel”, came out with a rare speed trainer inspired by the IKEA shopping bag.

There has been an internet craze following the release of the “Arena Extra-Large Shopper”. What do you guys think? Would you rock it?


Balenciaga shopper to the left, IKEA’s FRAKTA bag to the right.




Studio Hagel speed trainer



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