Nas x Supreme Collab

Supreme, a streetwear brand that is one of the most popular brands among collectors. Supreme has a weekly drop with their products, if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on anything. According to “highsnobiety” on a “drop day” the traffic on the Supreme site can increase as much as 16,800 percent. With the product […]

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FENTY Beauty

29 year old singer Rihanna, And Creative director for Puma, released her FENTY clothing line in 2015. Known for her trainers and FENTY slides, she has reached high success rates. furthermore, deciding to launch FENTY beauty this fall. Will this be the new generation of beauty? With a website already up and running, you can […]

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Free The Rage

Rapper, Travis Scott was recently arrested due to starting a riot, following his performance at the Walmart Amphitheater in Arkansas. Although, he was released the following day. His arrest happened out of the blue, his fans, including myself were appalled. Travis turned a misfortune into a fortune, releasing his “Free The Rage” tee with his […]

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Tiller Season

24 year old R&B singer Bryson Tiller has been MIA for a while now, but he’s back. This past Thursday he dropped 3 new songs, “Get mine ft. Young Thug”, “Honey”, and “Something Tells Me”.  Tiller’s debut album “Trapsoul” dropped in 2015, featuring his famous song “Exchange”. Tiller just announced his new album “True to […]

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Balenciaga Inspired By 99 Cent IKEA Bag

Has well known designer brand Balenciaga lost their mind or are they clever? Balenciaga’s “Arena Extra-Large Shopper” looks extremely similar to  IKEA’s 99-cent “FRAKTA” bag. The Balenciaga bag has a price tag of 2,145. Many designer brands have drawn inspiration from everyday items in the past. “Moschino” came out with a fragrance called “fresh” drawing inspiration […]

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Thrasher graphic tees are everywhere lately. Thrasher, a skateboard magazine that also sells merch, including graphic tees and hoodies. Most of these graphic tees are very simple, simply saying “Trasher” across the tee with fire around the letters. Tumblr, a place where millennials get inspiration from is full of trendy teens wearing these tees. You […]

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